Water Connection

If you’re building a new home, office block or factory, or moving into existing premises, you’ll need to know how to apply for water and sanitation connections.

If you have bought or moved into an existing property, the account must be transferred to your name.

  • The customer (property owner) goes to COJ (walk in centre/people centre) and requests and fills in forms for a new connection.
  • Documents required are an ID copy, title deed, SG (surveyor General) diagram.
  • If the person applying is not the owner e.g. a company, then the company registration documents will also be required, alternatively power of attorney.
  • COJ will then get a quotation for the size of the meter to be installed from the relevant depot.
  • Upon receipt of the quote, COJ will notify the customer to make payment for the connection.
  • Once payment is made COJ will send a notification (Service Request) to the depot to install the meter within 15 days.