Water Interruptions



1. Suburb(s) affected: All Diepkloof
Street names: All streets
Date: 21 October 2020
Time: 07:00-20:00
Impact: No water
Reason: Replacing two 600mm gate valve

2. Suburb(s) affected: Forest Hill Tower- South Hills, Linmeyer, Risana and Tulisa park
Street names: Various Street
Date: 22-23 October 2020
Time: 21:00-05:00
Impact: No water
Reason: To repair the leaking outlet valve at the tower


We appeal to all to use water sparingly and to remind them that level one water restrictions are still in place. Watering of gardens is not allowed between 6 am and 6 pm in summer months (1 Sept to 31 March) and furthermore, it is not allowed to wash paved areas and driveway using hosepipes.

Residents are encouraged to subscribe on our website, to our SMS notification service for alerts on planned or unplanned service interruptions. More information can be obtained on twitter: @jhbwater; Facebook: Johannesburg Water and our website.

Customer service inquiries:
24 hour Hotline: 011 688 1699/ 086 056 2874
SMS line: 076 333 5052
Email: Customer@jwater.co.za
Website: https://www.johannesburgwater.co.za/