23 November 2020 – Johannesburg Water launches major sewer unblocking project in Greater Ivory Park 

Media Statement 
23 November 2020 
Johannesburg Water launches major sewer unblocking project in Greater Ivory Park 

Johannesburg Water Midrand depot has been busy at work targeting twelve hot spot extensions In Greater Ivory Park from November till the end of December 2020, clearing 3055 sewer blockages in over 34 kilometres.

Sewer blockages are increasing in the area as a whole and are getting more difficult to resolve and the old methodology of a Sewer Team with rods is not giving the intended results in the area anymore, even though the blockage might be resolved it would normally block again within 24 hours.  This is largely due to the large amount of “debris” in the system which settles in the line thereby causing repeat blockages.

When clearing blockages, teams usually find material such as sand, rags, sanitary towels, clothing, rocks and at times foetuses of aborted babies and these foreign objects are not what a sewer line is intended to convey.

The illegal connections to the system, encroachment of uncontrolled buildings and shacks into the servitudes, large numbers of backyard dwellings, with many existing dwellings having more than ten backyard rooms. This leads to overuse of the system and insufficient capacity.

Part of the implementation plan of this project is to perform repairs on these identified Hotspots which will reduce recurring sewer blockages. They identified twelve hotspot extensions within greater Ivory Park include Kaalfontein Ext 1, 4, 5, 23 and Ivory Park ext 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13 and Rabie Ridge ext 5.

Residents are urged to look after the infrastructure and report all service failures, more importantly, use the sewer lines for its intended purpose which is to transport waste.


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