Households now serviced in Zamimpilo Informal Settlement

1900 households now serviced in Zamimpilo Informal Settlement

29 January 2019
Release: immediate

Today, 29 January 2019, the City of Johannesburg, through Johannesburg Water, handed over ablution facilities to the Zamimpilo Informal Settlement community, effectively servicing 1 900 households..

Sanitation is a basic human requirement, which contributes to human dignity and quality of life. It is an essential tool in the fight against poverty and inequality. It is for this reason that I am proud to be handing over these facilities today.

This project came about as a result of Johannesburg Water’s Basic Services Programme, aimed at eradicating basic services backlogs in informal settlements.

R4 million was used to complete this phase of the project, which included connection to the existing sewer infrastructure and the installation of solar panels for lighting. Since the start of this project in June 2018, 30 labourers, 20 facilitators and 3 security personnel were employed from the community.

The handover of the first phase now allows for the completion of the second phase of the project in Zamimpilo, with a further 2 659 households to be serviced. This is due to be completed next month.

The savings achieved during the previous financial year have been redirected into bringing Diphetogo (real change) to communities like Zamimpilo by enhancing critical service delivery areas.

The budget for provision of basic water and sanitation services was increased to R75 million this financial year. And by the end of June, Johannesburg Water would have provided 4 834 households in informal settlements access to basic sanitation.

Providing all households in the City of Johannesburg with basic access to water and sanitation is crucial.

Over 72 000 households in informal settlements are serviced by Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) toilets, individual connections or ablution blocks. Through these programmes, the City is working hard to eradicate the use of chemical toilets. By July, this backlog will be reduced by 2 000 households.

This pro-poor administration will continue to bring back dignity to our residents by tackling basic infrastructure backlogs, because an investment in infrastructure is an investment in the future.

These are evident in addressing our R170 billion infrastructure backlog through the maintenance of traffic lights and street lights, repairing potholes, the capacitation of key City departments, as well as informal settlement upgrading.

I ask residents to also take ownership of infrastructure in their communities and report all leaks to Johannesburg Water at 011 375 5555.

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