A technical glitch with the vending system


Media Statement  
16 November 2020

A technical glitch with the vending system

Johannesburg Water delivers water and sanitation services to over 5million residents in the seven regions of the City of Johannesburg.

The Entity provides free 6 kilolitres to prepaid and post-paid customers monthly. Post-paid customers’ free 6 kilolitres are credited on their monthly bills and prepaid customers receive their free 6 kilolitres when they buy their first water credit for the month.

It has come to Johannesburg Water’s attention some prepaid customers did not receive the 6kl free water in November 2020 due to a technical problem in the vending system.

This issue has been escalated to the Vending Support Technical team, who are investigating the issue to find a resolution as soon as possible.

Johannesburg Water is committed to resolving this issue with urgency and will advise customers once the issue is resolved. All residents are urged to use water sparingly and remember the City is still under level 1 water restrictions.

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