Innovation and Technology

The organization has always recognized the importance of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) as a means to improve services, efficiencies and increase effectiveness. The unit has been set up to be a “virtual” operating section with a mission to promote the growth of RDI and appropriate/new technologies at Johannesburg Water.

The unit achieves this by undertaking analyses of the critical operational issues facing Johannesburg Water, identifying needed actions and resources, promoting collaboration among key stakeholders, influencing policy decisions, and securing strategic investments for technology-based development.

The unit forms an integral part of the South African National Systems of Innovation (NSI) Ecosystem and therefore works in close cooperation with stakeholders in state research institutions, industry, academia and government.

The unit takes action across numerous fronts to provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to benefit from the innovation continuum. The main objective of the unit is to foster and drive the use of technology for effective and efficient operations.

Some of the key objectives are to;

  • Develop innovation into an organisational capability.
  • Drive urban water resilience and sustainability.
  • Execute the Smart Cities Programme.
  • Optimise operational processes and reduce total cost of operations.
  • Facilitate and be a catalyst for RDI into appropriate, emerging and/or new technologies.
  • Improve water demand management through technology, While protecting water resources and reducing non-revenue water.
  • Carry out independent, unbiased studies with the principle purpose of providing objective and practical information.
  • Deal with challenges within the water sector by participating in demonstrations of technology and national research programmes while supporting economic growth and improving the quality of life.
  • Strategic goal 5 which are the use of technology for effective and efficient operations, encourages innovation and efficiency through the Smart City Programme.
  • The purpose of this goal is to spearhead the use of technology and innovation for effective and efficient operation company-wide.