29 May 2020

Immediate Release

South Africa has been on lockdown for more than two months and water quality deteriorates over a period if not utilized frequently.  It is in this spirit that Johannesburg Water would like to advise all School Management Teams across the City of Johannesburg to ensure the following:

  • Water that is in the pipelines has been stagnant for more than two months and is not suitable for consumption without proper purging/flushing prior to use.
  • Schools are advised to flush their taps for a minimum of 5 minutes to remove stagnant water and improve water reticulation and water quality.
  • Schools that are using private water tanks need to refill the tanks with fresh water or treat water before being consumed.
  • Johannesburg Water  will clean and refill water tanks with fresh water to schools that are in our supply this coming weekend

Johannesburg Water conducts an average of 600 tests monthly to ensure the water quality we provide is in line with the South African National Standards (SANS 241), this is not meant to cause panic but should be done as a precautionary measure.


Residents are reminded that the City is still under level one water restrictions and we urge all to use water sparingly during this winter period, water and sewer problems can be logged using the bow channels:


Inquiries please contact
Isaac Dhludhlu
Communications Manager
011 688 1577
072 638 5346