Criminal Activities in Eldorado

Criminal Activities in Eldorado Park & Klipspruit West Hamper Service Delivery

04 April 2019
Immediate Release

Joburg Water (JW) officials rendering service delivery have been exposed to criminal activities that are life threatening mainly in Eldorado Park, Klipspruit West and Hostels in Soweto and neighbouring communities. Our Operations staff has been subjected to constant mugging and robbing incidents by criminal elements in the above mentioned areas, which have been steadily rising from 2017.

Employees have been robbed of tools from their vehicles as well as personal belongings such as money and cell phones, usually at knife and gun point. JW vehicles have also been damaged and employees physically attacked by these criminal elements.

This has led to our employees requiring medical attention and trauma counselling to help them deal with challenges experienced in the course of serving the residents of the City. Furthermore, as of Monday 25 March 2019, our teams are refusing to enter these areas for fear of their lives, and service delivery is suffering as a result.

We appeal to all residents, community leadership of the mentioned areas to look after our staff as they render service that is vital for all. JW won’t compromise official’s lives if the community is unable to ensure their safety while on duty.

Incidents on Record
a) A cellphone and company vehicle keys were taken at gunpoint in Van Zeeberg Street in Eldos ext. 6 in 2017.

b) JW team in 2017 was held at knifepoint at Cummings Road near the Eldorado Park stadium, tools and personal belongings were taken.

c) In 2018, tools and cell phones were taken from a team near the police station.

d) In 2018,our foreman for sewer was grabbed from behind while another thug took his cell phone and R50.00 in Van Zeeberg Street.

e) In 2018 a thug grabbed a bag which contained an identity document, wallet, cell phone and lunch box through a company vehicle window at Fuschia Road in Klipspruit West.

f) In 2018 our officer was held up at gunpoint, tools and a cell phone were taken.

g) November 2018, our Foreman parked his vehicle (a brand new Ford Ranger) on a street in Eldos ext. While he and his team were inspecting our sewer line some short distance away, his spare wheel was stolen.

h) July 2018, our team was held up at gunpoint and robbed of money and cell phones while working in Union Road in Eldos ext.

i) Again in December 2019, the JW team were held up at gunpoint in Eldos ext1, tools and cell phones were taken.

j) Early March 2019, while busy working in Merafe hostel our team was threatened with a fire arm.

k) 21 March 2019, team were held up at gunpoint at Ascot Street in Eldos ext 8, tools and cell phones were taken. The company vehicle window was also broken.

Johannesburg Water as the employer, we are really concerned about the safety of our employees and as such we appeal for all hands on deck to bring this unscrupulous behaviour to an end. Johannesburg Water is committed to provide a sustainable service to all residents of the City without fear of favour.


Issued by
Mr Isaac Dhludhlu
Communications Manager
011 688 1577/072 638 5346
[email protected]