Hursthill reservoir

19 May 2021

#Hursthill reservoir

Johannesburg Water is experiencing water supply challenges into the Hursthill reservoir. Currently the reservoir is sitting at very low levels and not able to meet demand. We are currently engaging with Rand Water , our bulk water supplier to try and mitigate the challenges to get the inflow of water into the reservoir back to above average levels.

Affected areas:

o Montgomery Park
o Albertville
o Franklin Roosevelt Park
o Westbury
o Northcliff Ext.21
o Albertskroon
o Greymont
o Northcliff Ext.32
o Coronationville
o Hurst Hill
o Claremont
o Newlands
o Martindale
o Triomf
o Montclare
o Westdene
o Northcliff
o Newclare
o Greymont Ext.1
o Delarey
o Montgomery Park
o Albertville
o Franklin Roosevelt Park Ext.1
o Parkview Ext.1
o Melville Ext.1
o Greenside Ext.2
o Richmond Ext.1
o Parktown Ext
o Parktown Ext.3
o West Cliff Ext
o Emmarentia
o West Cliff Ext.3
o Hurst Hill
o Auckland Park
o Rossmore
o Melville Ext.2
o Richmond
o Melville Ext.3
o Westdene
o Greenside Ext.6
o Greenside Ext.4
o Greenside Ext.5
o Victory Park Estate S.H.
o Parkview
o West Cliff
o Greenside
o Emmarentia Ext.1
o Greenside Ext
o Parktown
o Melville
o Parkhurst

We apologise to the affected residents for the inconvenience caused. Updated information will be made available on our social media pages.

Issued by Johannesburg Water
Stakeholder Relations and Communications Department
Eleanor Mavimbela
[email protected]