Joburg Water ladies celebrate Women’s Month in style

JOHANNESBURG: Working in overalls might seem unglamorous but the ladies employed as plumbers and artisans within Johannesburg Water are determined to change that mindset through their Overalls & Heels Day initiative. The group of women who work at the Johannesburg Water Depot in Klipspruit, Soweto celebrated Women’s Month in style by showing up to work in their high heels and overalls. The initiative aimed to remind people that women are capable of working in male-dominated occupations while sending a positive message of transformation.

The overalls symbolise the element of hard labour and working with tools like shovels while the high heels reflect a sense of beauty, pride, and feminine power.
Speaking on the importance of the initiative, campaign coordinator Amanda Majodina said they were proud to serve their communities and provide for their families.Amanda said she was nervous about being able to handle some of the assigned tasks when she first joined Joburg Water.
“Today I can say I am a completely different person. I hold my spade and all the work tools with so much pride knowing that I’m capable and I have so much strength within me as a woman,” she said.Amanda emphasised that showing the positive element of working is such occupations and highlighting the challenges was a great way of encouraging women not to shy away from such job opportunities.”I wear my blue work suit with my safety boots, and I feel empowered because now I can provide for my family. I now understand that I can do anything as a woman. I am a woman of strength,” Amanda added.

Her colleague Suzan Saal said they enjoyed the day which included a fun photoshoot. Suzan said a lot of women in male-dominated industries faced similar challenges including feeling undermined by their male colleagues. She said sometimes men can make women feel uncomfortable in the workplace by commenting on their clothes or how they perform certain tasks.
“But I am proud of my female colleagues for the great work they do. They keep me motivated to come back to work every day,” she said.