Joburg water upgrades water metre in Cosmo City

Joburg water upgrades water metre in Cosmo City

09 July 2019

Johannesburg Water advises residents of Cosmo City about a programme to change/upgrade the current water metres to new smart metres. Sakhikhaya Construction Company has been appointed to do the installations at the following extensions of Cosmo City.

  1. Extension Zero
  2. Extension Three
  3. Extension Five
  4. Extension Seven
  5. Extension Eight
  6. Extension Nine
  7. Extension Ten

The smart metres will benefit the community a great deal as they will be able to buy water electronically and improve service delivery in the area. A total of 5000 households will be visited by the service provider and we appeal for cooperation in order to complete the project on time. Technical queries should be directed to site camp Manager on 067 403 6278, and if in doubt, please ask for an identity card with a name and surname and a picture of the consultant. We appeal to all residents to continue to report all water and sewer leaks and are reminded that level 1 water restrictions are still in place in the City of Johannesburg.

Media queries should be directed to:
Isaac Dhludhlu – Communications Manager
011 688 1577
[email protected]