Midrand water supply challenges

Media Statement

23 September 2021

Midrand water supply challenges

Rand Water our bulk water supplier had a burst on one of their bulk lines supplying their Klipfontein Reservoir last week. The Klipfontein Reservoir supplies water to all Johannesburg Water Midrand Reservoirs. Rand Water completed their repairs however had an issue with a bulk valve which was stuck in a closed position. This was rectified on Friday (17 September 2021) and there were improvements on our reservoirs. The recovery was however not sufficient and our Rabie Ridge, President Park as well as Grand Central Reservoirs were affected.

Currently, Johannesburg Water is struggling with water supply to our President Park Tower, the Grand Central Reservoir and Tower. The President Park Tower is on bypass but the high lying areas like Ebony Park are affected. The Grand Central reservoir is used to pump water into the Grand Central Tower which then feeds the Halfway House areas like the Midrand CBD, consequently the Grand Central Reservoir levels remains low, restricting Johannesburg Water to pump water into the tower.

The two entities are in constant engagements to supplement supply into Klipfontein Reservoir and such has resulted into increased reservoir levels. We will be monitoring this impact on our reservoirs and update residents.

We have placed water tankers in the affected areas as a form of alternative water supply.