Pipe Replacement Programme Across The City Of Johannesburg

Pipe Replacement Programme across the City Of Johannesburg

15 August 2019
Media Statement – immediate release

Johannesburg Water is a service-delivery oriented Entity which has identified key programmes to ensure delivery of reliable and quality services to all residents, including marginalised areas.

The key programmes among others include infrastructure development and access to basic services. The rolling out of the pipe replacement programme will ensure that the number of bursts per kilometre and the number of blockages per kilometre is reduced, resulting in improved levels of service to consumers in the City.

The water and sewer network infrastructure pipes that have a remaining useful life of less than two years will be replaced at a cost of R2.8 billion. Across Hurst Hill alone, the City is implementing three water pipe replacement projects to ensure continuity and improved service delivery with Hurst Hill Phase 1, Hurst Hill Phase 2 and Hurst Hill Phase 3 projects already taking place and all almost at completion stage.

As you drive across the City, you will realise that there are a number of excavations
of water pipe replacement projects in the following areas:
• Booysens
• Glenvista
• Gold Reef – Ophirton
• Gold Reef – Reuven
• Gold Reef Springfield
• Hurst Hill
• Selby
• Wemmer
• Green Side

Johannesburg Water continues to implement projects like Pressure Management, Soweto Infrastructure Upgrade and Renewal as well as Mains Replacement to reduce the water demand.

Key Performance Indicators as of 30 June 2019
• 132 km of water pipes were replaced against an annual target of 80km.
• 43 km of sewer pipes were replaced against an annual target of 42 km.
• 8 287 households were provided with access to basic water against an annual target of 8 004 households.
• 6 528 households were provided with access to basic sanitation against an annual target of 4 834 households.

Pipe bursts
During the 2018/19 financial year 42 977 burst pipes occurred, which is a decline from the 43 301 burst pipes in the 2017/18 financial year and 45 177 burst pipes reported in 2016/17 financial year. This decrease is mainly attributable to improved pressure management and an accelerated pipe replacement programme.

Sewer blockages
During the 2018/19 financial year, 61 928 sewer blockages were experienced in the system, this is also a decline from the 62 835 sewer blockages. In the past three years, JW has managed to replace a total of 191 km and 99 km of water and sewer network respectively. JW aim to replace a total of 404 km of water pipes and 170 km of sewer network in the current IDP period.

This programme is designed towards ensuring a continued reduction of NonRevenue Water(NRW), pipe bursts and sewer blockages throughout the City.

It is estimated that on average JW pipe replacement per year should amount to R415 million for water and R435 million for sewer, in order to meet the pipe renewal target of replacing 1.5% of its asset value per year. Going forward JW will invest more on the pipe replacement programmes.

Through Preventative maintenance programme, the sewer cleaning programme has increased from just over 1 000km to 1 500 km covered in the past financial year, which will have a positive impact on residents lives.

The rolling out of pipe replacement will ensure that the number of bursts per km and the number of blockages per km is reduced, which will result in improved levels of service to customers in the City of Johannesburg.

The organisation has also placed a high emphasis on investment in marginalised areas with R99.6 million spent on 22 projects implemented in Orange Farm, Diepsloot, Ivory Park, Soweto, Ennerdale.
Going into the 2019/20 financial year, we will be implementing the following major projects:
• Soweto Infrastructure Renewal,
• Orange Farm Infrastructure Renewal as well as
• Pressure Management in the rest of the City

In conclusion, with the rolling out of the Pipe Replacement Programme, JW intends to use SMMEs and local labourers, so as to create jobs and transform the social and economic standing of the City’s residents.

Cllr. Nico De Jager
MMC: Environment and Infrastructure Services Department
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Joburg Water Communications Manager
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