Rand Water Eikenhof Pump station

19 August 2021

Rand Water Eikenhof Pump station

Johannesburg Water wishes to inform residents that due to a power failure at Rand Water’s Vereeniging purification works, water supply to the Rand Water Eikenhof pump station and reservoir has been affected.

This unanticipated incident will affect the Hursthill, Brixton and Crosby reservoirs considerably as they are fed from the Eikenhof system.

The recovery of the JW reservoirs will take place during the night when demand for water is low and we expect full restoration in approximately 72 hours. We are monitoring the supply to critical customers such hospitals in the affected areas and our technical team is ready to assist should a need arise.

Customers in higher lying areas will experience no water or poor pressure during the recovery period. We urge customers to use water sparingly at this time. Arrangements are being made to cater for customers in Sophiatown and Coronationville.

More information will be available for residents on our social media pages.