Rand Water Planned Maintenance

Rand Water planned maintenance

21 June 2019

Friday, 21 June 2019, MMC Nico De Jager addressed a media conference at the Brixton Water Tower to discuss new interventions which have been put in place to ensure that Johannesburg is the municipality least affected by planned major water maintenance to be conducted by Johannesburg Water’s bulk water supplier, Rand Water. These are new action-steps taken by the entity in order to limit any negative impact on service delivery.Johannesburg Water had taken note of concern raised regarding the upcoming planned maintenance by Rand Water which will be conducted on some of their main lines.

Concern has been raised by the residents as to the impact of the planned maintenance on water supply within the City, given that supply to some of the City’s reservoirs and towers made become limited over 54 hour maintenance period. However, I wish to assure residents that our team has put sufficient measures in place to make sure Johannesburg residents are least affected of all during this maintenance period. During the maintenance period, the Rand Water purification plant will still be operational and will supply water to our water supply systems for the duration of the valve installation so as to help in efforts to replenish our reservoirs.

Rand Water will also supply water via the Palmiet and Eikenhof pump stations to Johannesburg Water reservoirs. Furthermore, Rand Water will ensure that prior to the commencement of the shutdown, all reservoirs supplying the City will be filled to capacity to ensure water supply during the shutdown period. Our Reservoirs have the capacity to supply water for up to two days. This said, due to the extremely long hours involved in the maintenance process, some of the high lying areas may experience erratic low pressure. The City does not anticipate any unusual water supply disruptions during the shutdown. However, Johannesburg Water will continuously update residents on the progress of the work via all media platforms.

This is in compliance with the National Water Act No. 36 of 1998, which stipulates that the Water Services Authority (CoJ) must issue a notice of potential water interruptions to all its consumers well ahead of the event taking place.Johannesburg Water appeals to all residents of the City of Johannesburg to use water sparingly during the shutdown in order to avoid a complete no-water situation and reminds all customers that level-1 water restrictions are still in place. MMC Nico de Jager  wishes to reiterate that Johannesburg Water is in consultation with Rand Water to ensure that the planned maintenance has minimal impact on our residents.