Procurement Scam

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Johannesburg Water (SOC) Ltd warns the public of a fake request for quotations, purchase orders and payments scam and advice for necessary precautions to be taken to avoid any possible loss or damage.

There have been a number of requests from fake sources claiming to be Johannesburg Water officials, asking for quotations, sending purchase orders and payment notifications to unsuspecting victims using fictitious email addresses and contact numbers.

Whilst the Johannesburg Water logo, physical and postal addresses appearing on documentation may appear to be correct, on close scrutiny you will notice that the company’s name has been extended, the contact persons, telephone numbers, fax and email address are fictitious.

Service Providers are urged to always verify the authenticity of a purchase order that they receive through our :

Supply Chain Management Unit : 011 688 6535.

Members of the public are requested to any suspicious or corrupt activity at the City of Johannesburg’s:

 Anti-fraud Hotline Number: 0800 002 587



Please find Examples of fake documents below: