20 October 2020
Media statement

Johannesburg Water is embarking on a prepaid meter data verification exercise in selected townships/suburbs across the City of Johannesburg. The data verification exercise will be conducted by the Johannesburg Water service provider African Meter Reading (AMR) who will visit each and every stand in areas with prepaid meters.

The verification is aimed at updating customer data and the collected data will be used only to update the vending system and SAP with the correct meter and customer information.

The aim of this project is to:

  • Verify data to update system
  • Update customer data
  • Check meter number
  • Check if meter is functional

This project is expected to start at the end of November and will be rolled out in phases in all the parts of Soweto,Lehae, Cosmo City and Riverside View with the inclusion of all households in Diepkloof.

In Braamfischer, Devland and Lehae the service provider will be verifying all the meters in these areas even those with conventional meters.

Customers are asked to note that African Meter Reading will not be enforcing any by-laws during the implementation of the data verification exercise for customers that have by-passed meters, vandalized meters or illegally connected their homes to the system. The Information gathered by AMR during the exercise will not be used to prosecute or penalise transgressors.

Residents are asked to note that personnel doing the verification tests will be easily identifiable with Johannesburg Water branded reflective vest, a cap and Identity card  which they will be required to wear at all times during working hours. The AMR office line 010 110 0598 can be used to verify the identity of the personnel who will be doing the verification.

For media inquiries:
Isaac Dhludhlu
Manager: Communications and Marketing
Tel: 011 688 1577
Email: Isaac.dhludhlu@jwater.co.za