Water challenges in #Hursthill #Brixton and #Crosby

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23 May 2021

Water challenges in #Hursthill #Brixton and #Crosby

Johannesburg Water is exploring all possible technical options with our bulk supplier ‘Rand Water’ in resolving challenges with the current water supply to our Hursthill, Brixton and Crosby systems that are caused by below average inflow of water into the system. We have gained commitment from Rand Water to prioritize pumping into JW’s reservoirs in order to meet demand.

The affected reservoirs were able to gain capacity overnight and thus able to supply water to some of the areas affected as well as the hospitals in the area. Some ground was unfortunately lost this morning due to power supply failure and the increase in demand of water supply. JW has placed water tankers at the hospitals to pump into their tankers to sustain operations of the hospitals. Johannesburg Water is still monitoring the water supply to hospitals around the clock.

Alternative water supply in the form of water tankers roaming the affected areas are still available for residence to use.

We apologise to all affected residents for the inconvenience caused.

Water tankers:

4x JoJo tanks placed in Sophiatown Park (Extreme Park)
Roaming water trucks
Westbury, Mayfair, Vrededorp, Westdene, Auckland Park, Coronation, Sophiatown, Brixton, Hursthill, Crosby, Helen Joseph and Rahima Moosa Hospital

Residents can get updated information from our social media pages.

Issued by Johannesburg Water
Stakeholder Relations and Communications Department
Eleanor Mavimbela
[email protected]